5 Reasons an Infrared Sauna Is the Best Anti-Aging and Wellness Treatment

As a vast portion of the population is now reaching a more mature age and they are embarking on a quest for natural ways to stay healthy and vital into their later years. There has been an influx of interest and desire for infrared saunas since the validation that doctors have given them in being incredibly effective in anti-aging and wellness treatments. Infrared saunas are now an integral part of many weight loss, stress reduction, pain therapy, detox and skin rejuvenation programs. As the name implies the sauna uses infrared heaters that emit radiant heat which heats the body internally which has been proven to be much more effective than the traditional saunas that simply heat the external air around the body. Below are five of the reasons that infrared saunas are gaining in popularity for anti-aging and wellness treatments.

1) Weight Loss

The radiant heat emitted by infrared saunas increases the activity of the bodies’ cells which elevates the metabolism. In order for the body to produce 1 gram of sweat, 0.568 kilo calories must be expended. Using a high quality infrared sauna the average sauna user will secrete 500 grams of sweat which equals the usage of 350 calories. The calorie expenditure is the equivalent to running a couple of miles.

The weight loss achieved isn’t merely water weight. A high quality infrared sauna also helps the body to dispel cellulite. Cellulite is the dreaded lumpy tissue that is produced by fat cells, water and waste.

2) Stress Reduction

The hormone cortisol is an important part of the body’s response to stress. However, after a stressful situation it is important that the body relax and return to normal. In our current high stress culture it is often difficult for people to relax and they often end up in a state of chronic stress. This is when the fight or flight response is activated so often releasing cortisol into the blood stream that the body never has an opportunity to return to balance. Higher and more prolonged levels of cortisol in the bloodstream has many negative effects such as suppressed thyroid function, blood sugar imbalance, decreased bone density, decrease in muscle tissue, higher blood pressure, lowered immunity, slowed wound healing and increased abdominal fat.

By utilizing an infrared sauna one is able to release the excess cortisol from the body via sweat. Using a sauna has been found to not only relax the muscles but to be very effective in releasing the cortisol from the blood stream. This allows one to return to a healthy balance and eliminate the adverse effects that excess cortisol causes.

3) Pain Therapy

Infrared saunas are now a standard part of pain therapy. They have now become a routine part of pain relief therapy programs. The relief is attained by the infrared energy penetrating the dermis and positively affecting blood circulation. The healing of injuries can be accelerated when the infrared heat is applied within 24 – 48 hours of the occurrence. Painful conditions such as Arthritis and Fibromyalgia have been diminished and even dissipated with infrared sauna treatments.

4) Detox

It’s not only cortisol that the body is able to release through sweat, but also many other toxins that build up in our system and put a strain on our liver and kidneys. Alcohol, medications, pesticides, chemical fumes and allergens are more efficiently removed from the body via sweat. Sweat is the quickest means of removing toxins from the body. A 20 minute sauna will remove the same amount of toxins that it would take your kidneys 24 hours to remove. Infrared saunas have become essential part of detox programs as well as used in fever therapy and the treatment of hyperthermia. This is because the medical profession has found infrared saunas to be powerful in removing pathogens from the body.

5) Skin Rejuvenation

As mentioned previously Infrared heat waves have the ability to penetrate the skin by 1 to 2 inches improving blood circulation this also helps to diminish the effects of aging on the skin by oxygenating it. Detoxification via the use of an infrared sauna can improve most dermatological maladies a person may endure such as acne or rosacea. Sweat releases toxins from the facial tissue while also acting as a gentle exfoliate, creating a more youthful glow.

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