Beautiful Ideas For Wedding Aisle Decorations

The wedding ceremony site is the first impression that your guests will have of your wedding. Naturally you want it to be a great one! When decorating for your ceremony, do not overlook the aisle that you will walk down in the church or other venue. These are some beautiful ideas for wedding aisle decorations.

For a marriage ceremony on a lawn, a fabric aisle runner can be impractical. However, you can decorate the walkway yourself with a gorgeous design created in flower petals. The florist can create a graceful swirl or even your initial in rose petals for a grand effect. Brighter hues will show up the best against the grass. Hot pink, fuchsia, and orange work particularly well. Make sure that the ushers are instructed to seat guests via the outside aisles to avoid messing up the design before the start of the ceremony. The nice thing about this design is that even when the petals scatter a bit, your aisle will still look colorful and pretty.

Let’s say that you are having your wedding in a garden setting and wearing an ethereal gown with handcrafted bridal jewelry. Play up the enchanted garden concept by planting rows of flowers down the border of your aisle. Abundant and inexpensive annuals will be your best option. A fun thing about this idea is that you can incorporate flower varieties that may not work well in centerpieces, such as pansies. At the end of the aisle, create a dramatic structure from bamboo poles and sheer white draperies. Use a few of your aisle flowers to create pretty tie backs for the draperies, which will draw the eye down the aisle to the place where you will exchange your vows. You can bet that your guests will be wowed!

Weddings with a homespun charm are quite popular these days. If your idea of a dream wedding includes a lot of rustic accessories, vintage furniture, and unique handcrafted bridal jewelry, choose aisle decor with a cozy homespun flair. Give your ceremony a hint of whimsical English country style by suspending colorful bunting flags between the chairs that line the aisle. Use a variety of cheerful calico prints to bring plenty of color to your decorating scheme. If you prefer floral decor, it would be sweet to hang Mason jars from the ends of chairs (every other row would be fine) and fill them with wildflowers. This is an easy project for the DIY bride.

Beach weddings are always popular, and it is a fun theme to play with. Stand tall clear vessels filled with a collection of seashells next to every third row of chairs lining the walkway. If that is too many jars to fill, you could use a pair of extra large vessels with shells just at the beginning of the aisle. When placing any type of vessel in a walkway, be careful that the aisle is made a little wider than average to accommodate them without crowding the space. This is especially important if your wedding gown has a full skirt!

Paper decorations are equally at home for indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies. Hang paper lanterns in your wedding colors on chairs or the ends of pews to brighten up the space. Or make crepe paper pom poms to decorate the ends of rows (either tie them to pews or stake them on shepherd’s hooks in the grass). Your beautifully decorated aisle will add to the magic of your grand entrance at the beginning of your wedding.