Micro Wave Oven Cooking and Its Impact

Any and every place that has electricity knows what Micro wave oven cooking is. Such is the popularity of this technology that was first developed in the 40s. It is really noteworthy how something that once stood at high as a door and was more expensive than a car, should become an indispensable cooking tool today.

For ages man has found ingenious ways to cook. Yet the impact of this cooking tool is completely different. It has impacted our health, lifestyle, and our culture. From Tahiti to Thailand, people enjoy the benefits of this modern invention that has emerged as the ultimate household ‘helper’. Cook, bake, heat, re-heat and what not – it is simple, fits on the kitchen table, is affordable and most importantly does speedy work. Therefore it is only fair that microwave oven cooking rules the kitchen. Yet a word of caution, it does not come without side effects.

The Wide Presence
The instrument is fundamentally designed to use a high voltage power source. A cavity magnetron converts electricity into waves and a cooking unit. When the supply is switched on, the waves are directed on the food to be cooked or heated by a wave director. Over the years it has evolved to include many added features. Today, a 10-year old uses it for popcorn while the grand mom uses it for her Sunday baking. Microwave oven cooking is really easy. Almost every household in the US and Canada owns a set today, thanks to the aggressive Japanese manufacturers. As much as we understand the scope of the instrument we must also acknowledge its side effects. With such a huge number of people using it, it is bound to create a cultural impact. Some experts also see it as a phenomenon coinciding with the altered eating habits of developed countries. Like in the US a culture of obesity, sedentary lifestyle, food disorders and packaged food is often related to microwave oven cooking.

What we must understand here is that microwave oven cooking is now a part of our lifestyle. Therefore we must know its potential dangers. And not see it only as a quick fix solution.

What is interesting to note is that there are parts of the world and economies where people still do not use this cooking tool. They strangely seem to have lesser problems with their food. Japan, India, parts of Europe and other economies where the microwave oven cooking is still not so popular live a healthier life.