Tips on Decorating Your Baby Nursery

How Exciting! You’re pregnant with your first baby! It is getting closer to your little angel being here and your thoughts have now turned to getting the nursery decorated. Although exciting and fun, decorating a nursery can be a daunting task. It will take a lot of time, thought, planning, and expense. From wall coverings – paint, wallpaper or wall decals for the nursery – to furniture like a crib, changing table, and rocking chair to floor coverings and everything in between, decorating possibilities are limitless.

Deciding how you want your baby’s nursery to look can be more exhausting than getting through your third trimester, and even though you may feel overwhelmed trying to figure everything out that needs to be done before the blessed day, don’t let it get to you. Slow down, take a deep breath, and take your time. By making plans and choosing what you want baby’s nursery to look like ahead of time, you will have cut out a lot of guesswork. Select a theme if you are using one, pick out wall colors, wall decals, window coverings, floor coverings, and the type of furniture you want to use before you ever open a paint can. To help you get to that point, there are a few simple things to consider when making those decisions.

Decide on a budget: Not every expectant parent can afford to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars decorating their baby’s nursery. In our world today, the reality is that most cannot. If you have a limited budget, sit down and write it out. Create a list with two columns: “Needs” and “Wants/Wishes.” Having a list of “Needs” and “Wants” will make it easier to select design choices that you actually need and those you can live without. To better organize your thoughts as well as your funds, after deciding on a spending limit, begin a list of ideas and what they will cost.

Baby Boy or Baby Girl?: One of the first questions you will ask yourself, as will others, is “What is the baby’s gender?” Many parents choose to wait until the baby is born to see the gender, and this is perfectly ok. But it does have its challenges. By decorating a nursery ahead of time before knowing the sex of the baby puts a lot of limitations on decorations. You will have to pick gender neutral colors such as: yellows, greens, purples, reds, blacks, and browns. Creating a theme for the room can help you in selecting colors that you’ll be happy with. If you choose to find out your baby’s gender in advance, decorating the nursery, selecting the colors, and picking a theme can be much, much easier.

When to Decorate: One of the biggest questions facing newly expectant mommas-to-be is when to begin preparing the nursery. Budget and time constraints are the biggest factor here. By decorating the nursery earlier, you can spread the cost of the nursery out over several months. Another important factor is the mother and her energy levels during her pregnancy. Early in a woman’s pregnancy, she has much more energy and has considerably better flexibility and balance than she has in the third trimester when her large pregnant belly makes many common movements impossible. In some cultures and households, there is a great deal of superstition about preparing for a baby before he or she arrives safely home in his or her parents’ arms. In choosing when to decorate your nursery, choose the timing that works best for you and your life situation.

Remember, while decorating your little angel’s room is both personal and fun, the real heart of your child’s nursery is not about the physical aspects of the room but rather the love, adoration, and relationship you will have with your baby that will make the room special. So, if you can only do a white room with only a few beautiful nursery wall decals instead of a grand, elaborate room, remember it won’t change how much you love him or her, nor will it affect how your baby feels about you. So do what you can without stressing yourself, your marriage, and your budget.

How to Decorate: Apart from planning your nursery and setting your budget, there are still many questions that need answering. Deciding what to put on the walls is usually the first task and the most obvious choices are paint and wallpaper, with paint being the less expensive option. If you like the look of wallpaper but don’t want the cost of hiring someone to hang it or the labor of doing it yourself, consider decorating the nursery with paint and stencils or wall decals, an affordable and cute alternative.

Moms and Dads on a budget can also choose to add professionally created nursery wall decals to their baby’s nursery without the expense of hiring a professional artist. Peel and stick wall decals come in all subjects and sizes like beautiful tree decals with flowering blooms or animals. There are also decals to match about every theme, as well as every budget. Unique wall decals, such as the “Shelving Tree with Birds” provide not only a beautiful decal on the wall, but shelves where you can display your own unique pieces. Or you can have a jungle themed room with a “tree with monkeys, a giraffe, and birds decal” to make the room come alive. Best of all, wall decals won’t damage the walls should you ever decide to redecorate your baby’s nursery. They come off just as easily as they go on.

Then by adding the furniture and all of the special pieces you have picked out, baby’s room will be a special place just for them. Crib bedding sets and matching accessories come in a gamut of colors, prints, and patterns. When making these decisions, keep in mind the color and theme you chose. All sorts of toys like plush toys and teddy bears can add a cheerful element to a nursery, while wooden toys and unique mementos offer a taste of the care and adoration that parents put into creating the nursery for their own special angel. Also, don’t be afraid to include items that demonstrate yours or your spouse’s own personality or that you find are simply charming.

One last thought before preparing the nursery is a bit bittersweet. Your little angel will only stay little for a time and then they start to grow up. After the first year, your little baby will be heading towards becoming a toddler, and the adorable kittens, ducks and lambs or pooh bear may no longer suit your little one who is now captivated by Unicorns, giant purple dinosaurs, ponies, trucks and cars, and even Barbie. It’s a fact that toddlers don’t have much say in decorating, but by planning ahead when you are designing the nursery – with a color or pattern in nursery bedding and decorations that are toddler friendly, as well as welcoming for a newborn – you will be able to stretch your decorating time, dollars, and energy to accommodate your child for several years.

So take your time, sit back and plan out what you want to do with the nursery and make it a room that will be a quiet sanctuary for both baby and you. And don’t forget that if the only things you put in the nursery are a crib and a dresser, your bundle of joy won’t know the difference. So don’t stress yourself out in this wonderful and exciting process. And above all…Have Fun!

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